Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few cottage photos

This weekend is a buzzin' with activity. Eldest is graduating from university and my beautiful niece is getting married. Here are some shots from last weekend at the cottage. It was wet, cold and buggy, but that's life in the Great White North, eh?

I thought I was taking a shot of some pretty blue flowers, until I zoomed in and saw the remains of a bird massacre. We do have a resident sharp shinned hawk, so I guess she had a picnic lunch.

Decades ago, our property was often used as a dumping ground, so there are bits of pottery and glass and tin and leather buried in the banks of the lake. Every so often I dredge the sand and pile the bits and pieces on our big rock at the point. After a long, snowy winter, this little pile was still there, just as I'd left it.


BB said...

Great pics... love that water droplet one... which lense?

Sounds and looks idyllic. Cold but idyllic!!

Linda G. said...

Great pics! What is that in the first picture? If I could tat, I would use that as a lace pattern.


Kathy said...

I love the lacy one. Great shots, Pam.

A Novel Woman said...

BB, the lens is my macro 105mm. I've learned to use the tripod with that one, but it means getting really dirty.

Linda and Kathy, I think it's a hydrangea petal from last summer. I love skeletonized leaves.