Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few more portraits from the wedding

You may kindly disregard this post if you are not a member of the family. I won't be offended. Some garden shots will be up tomorrow morning if flowers are more your thang, but for the moment, a brief sampling.

Mother of the bride greeting one of the shorter guests. I can say this now because probably in a matter of months, I will be the shortest member of the entire clan.
And father of the bride.Son and nephew, looking fine in suits. I almost don't recognize them without sweats. I think they should dress this fine every day.
My husband with his sister, three brothers and parents. My brother-in-law and family. They abandoned Canada to live in the U.S. but we try not to hold that against them. He sells drugs for a living. (He says they're vitamins....whatever)
My nephew Mike. He abandoned Canada to live in Germany. At least he's coming back in six months. Right? Right?!
Danke. Unt vielen Dank für das Zurückkommen mit einem reizenden Geschenk für Ihre Tante. Ja Ja. Wienerschnitzel unt gesundheit.
This is where a portrait of John and Maureen and family should go, but Moe was always behind the camera.Proud dad with daughters. I had a hand in that gene pool, thank you very much.
How cute is my nephew? Here he is in a brief moment of introspection.

and a moment laterMy mother-in-law, looking beautiful as she always does. I think there's a smidgen of her gene pool in my daughters as well, lucky them.
My nieces, the bride and her sister, at the rehearsal dinner. They were getting fed up with all the photos and hoopla but bravely posed while muttering threats under their breath.

I have the video as proof.
My daughters and niece making a cousin sandwich. My daughter later complained about her "sore lobes" after those big red earrings pulled on her ears all day. Such is the price of beauty. It has become a catch phrase around the house. Say, how are the lobes today? Not bad, not bad. It's a good lobe day.wait just a doggone minute....
how did Medved sneak in here?


kc dyer said...

I love seeing these pictures of Sarah (et al) while I am in the UK -- I was last here with both of you, and have been thinking of you muchly...


A Novel Woman said...

Me too, my friend, me too. Hurry home!

nightsmusic said...

You have a gorgeous family :) This has been fun seeing a little peek in the everyday of Pam.