Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Room at the table

It's been a crazy few weeks full of drama and excitement, both good and not so good. My husband and I decided to head up to the cottage and check on things and try to relax a little this past weekend, but we hadn't anticipated how COLD it was going to be. I stepped outside on Sunday morning and could see my breath! It did, however, keep the blackflies in check. And we (okay, my husband) managed to get the dock stained and ready for another summer of heavy use. Despite the frigid temperatures both on and off the lake, two brave souls went forth, clad in wetsuits, and christened the lake on a Seadoo. Behold The Cousins, Matt and Chris:

I (my husband) installed the bird feeder again, and my little friends found it almost immediately. Even the hummingbirds paid a visit, chirping their impatience, so I filled their feeder too. They were too fast for me to capture before the blackflies moved in, but the chickadees have always been more accommodating.
Last night we stumbled home late and exhausted to find a house full of kids and friends plus our niece up from Colorado (who is getting married this coming weekend) along with her Newfoundland puppy, the gentle giant Medved. We threw together a last minute dinner of bbq'd chicken and salad and potatoes and beer and a homemade rhubard cake from rhubard pulled from my country garden. Then my son surprised us when he walked in the door so we made room at the table and put out another plate.

Just like love, there is always enough for everyone.

More photos to come, but this week is going to be a logistical challenge. You'll see....

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BB said...

One day, Pam, expect a knock on your door from the Granite Glen crew. That'll test your 'loaves and fishes' thing!!

Loved this little peep into your hectic life.