Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where am I?


Greetings from Hawaii! This is the view we wake up to every morning.
We went sailing on a catamaran this week, and ended up here:
And then we went snorkeling. It was the first time for me, but Doug is a pro.

Come meet my new friends, Mr. Sea Turtle, Ms Spinner Dolphin and the gang.Believe it or not, this is the first time Doug and I have gone on a beach vacation together. (We went to Florida once when we were dating, but Doug worked every day so that doesn't count.)

I can't believe what I've been missing! Later gator. The beach is calling my name.


BB said...

Wow that looks positively DECADENT!!! And your hubby... hubba hubba baby!! Very sultry...

Who knew we'd both be on a beach holiday this week?

Debby said...

Honolulu, at least for a time. I recognize the view of Diamond Head. I lived in the row of pink houses behind the Tripler Army Hospital on the side of the hill overlooking the city and harbor.

nightsmusic said...

WOW! Another absolutely gorgeous place I'll never get to visit. Aren't you the lucky one?

A Novel Woman said...

Have fun BB. I'm surrounded by Aussies at the moment. They seem to love Honolulu! Debby, I am trying to find a way to live here permanently, but hubby isn't having any of it. Spoil sport. NM, never say never.

Laura Bradbury said...

Dear Pam,

Sounds like there may just be a silver lining to this empty nest thing. Have a WONDERFUL time for me and sip something lovely under the swaying palm trees.

Bises xo


dykewife said...

wow! that looks like a whole lot of fun. someday i'll see a palm tree growing outside.

ORION said...

Hey!!!!!!drop a note!!!!
fellow bloggers in my town????

Martha said...

Wonderful photos, Pam. Do you have an RSS (or whatever it's called) orange button that will send me a notice of your new posts? I get destracted and forget to check unless I get a reminder. And that is a shame, because your blog is one of the very best.

nightsmusic said...

Martha, if you're using Firefox, there should be one on the far right side of the address bar. You can click on that. Or if you use Google Reader, just put Pam's blog name in the 'search for' and it will pop right up :)

A Novel Woman said...

Hi Lola! You'll be happy to know I heard some awesome music in Hawaii, lots of soulful singing accompanied by ukulele or guitar. Mind you, anything sounds good when one is sitting oceanside with a lovely breeze from the tradewinds and sipping a Mai Tai. You could step on a cat, and I'd be tapping my foot going yeah, baby, bring it on.

If you want to subscribe to this blog, I think you go to your URL box and look for the "subscribe" icon. I put my favourites in my Google Reader. Thanks for the kind comments!