Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

A new project.

I'm a sucker for chunky baby alpaca. It's a grassy green with a hint of sunny yellow. No, I don't long for spring? Who me?

After several rocky starts which involved pulling it out and starting over (and over and over) I decided not to do knit 2, purl 2, and do knit 4 purl 4 instead. For some reason, that's easier for my brain to handle. But now it's starting to ripple and look at bit too sweatery for a scarf. I think the ribs are too fat. (If I had a dollar for every time I heard that....)

Maybe I should go back to knit 2 purl 2. Arg. Maybe Youngest, the resident expert, will chime in here. Thoughts? Is this going to work for a scarf?

In other news, I'm headed for a colonoscopy consult tomorrow. I plan on making a case for why he does not need to go spelunking in my colon. Fie, I say. Who cares what the studies say?

I don't want him to go to there.

Wish me luck. Specialists aren't known for their willingness to barter or negotiate terms.

We're also expecting torrential rain. Gee, maybe I could throw in a root canal while I'm at it.

At least I have this Laughology lecture to look forward to. It guarantees "you'll laugh your ass off, literally."

If that's true, then my colonoscopy will definitely be moot.


nightsmusic said...

I'm not big on green, but that's rather pretty! I don't know about knit 2/purl 2 or knit 4/purl 4 for a scarf. I think you're going to find it ripples regardless. Too small though, it will look like the top to a sock. Too big and I'm afraid it might fold in on itself. but it's gorgeous wool!

And Yutha, you asked me what I'm looking for in jadite? Whatever catches my eye :-) Do you have an eBay ID?

Michelle said...

I have your name on my blog roll list and today I was thinking... how do I know you? old age creeps in! Now I'm reading and thinking... why haven't I been here more often? So many interesting blogs and so little time!

I've never felt alpaca wool. I have felt bunny and that was utterly addictive. I wanted to wrap it round my face.

As for medical procedures...

Ah yes, nothing starts your week quite like a camera up your butt...


I've umm... been there. You have my sincere sympathy from the bottom of my bottom. ;-)

Yutha said...

Love the colour Pam - Leah agrees, maybe too ribbed for a scarf....I like the ribbed but it probably would be too ripply in the end (like my bum).

Nightsmusic - yes, I do have an ebay ID (yutha11) but I don't have any jadite on ebay at the moment. I do have an booth at an antique mall that has some various pieces (cups, bowls, egg cups, etc.). Let me know if there's anything you need/want!

Anonymous said...

Pam, have you tried knitting with circular needles? What I did was cast on 150 or so stitches (!) then knit my scarf horizontally, it looks cool, I think and doesn't stretch so much. This way you can simply knit the whole thing, eliminating the mind blowing "knit two, purl two, where was I" problem.
As for the er...colonoscopy, I found the hardest part was swallowing the two bottles of "Drano" the night before.
Thank heavens for Demerol and Valium....sigh...I was so full of love and the need to hug a tree immediately following the "procedure"it was almost worth it.
Kathy down the road

Deniz Bevan said...

You`re hooked! Oh dear, my keyboard has switched to french again... Don`t mind the odd punctuation! If the wool is bendy enough, the thick ribbing should come out gorgeous; the only trouble is if you knit as tightly as I do it might come out a bit stiff. Love the colour!

Lottery Girl said...

Gorgeous yarn!

If you do not like the ribbing, try a pattern instead. You can make little triangles, or any shapes you like by just using knits and purls.

I'll see if I can find something and e-mail it to you.

YEAH for you for knitting!

Diane T. said...

As usual, I can't help you with the knitting dilemma. All I can say is that it looks pretty to me!

Regarding "the procedure," my sympathies. Coincidentally, my hubby is having one next week. Better him than me. (yeah, shame on me) Having been through it before, I can confirm what "Kathy down the road" and everyone else says... the prep is the worst of it. You won't remember the procedure. Ah, the joys of getting older...

nightsmusic said...

Yes, the prep is the pits. Hate, hate, hate it! At least on the last one, I got to sleep through the procedure. Any before that, I'd always been wide awake.

I don't recommend that.

At all.

When the DH had his first ever, he got to sleep through it too. Unfortunately, when he woke up, he had two anesthesiologists standing over him, smiling. They are customers of his.

Talk about dying of embarrassment!

I still laugh about that. ;-)

Laura Bradbury said...

Dear Pam,

If you haven't already you MUST read David Barry's piece on his colonoscopy.

It got me through mine with something rather close to a smile on my face.

Oh...that and the General I demanded. There are some things for which one really does not need to be conscious.

Bises xo

Laura (Clem has pneumonia, fun times over here)

A Novel Woman said...

NM, green is my favourite colour. This is not a shade of green I would have picked, but it's all they had in baby alpaca. And it looked nice with the lighter green sweater I had on.

Michelle, you know me from the writers' forum. I think.

KDTR, the drano doesn't bother me. The 12 year old doctor splelunking up my whazoo DOES. As for the circular needles, I gave Youngest a set for Christmas and she absconded with them back to school. Methinks a shopping trip to the U.S. of A. is in order.

Deniz, the ribbing is making the scarf too thick. It shall be ripped out (again) and I'll try the knit 2 purl 2 variation. Or maybe something else. Maybe the squares like LG suggests (thanks, my partner in crime!)

Laura, hope Clem is better, poor baby!

Off to find the Dave Barry piece....

Lottery Girl said...

Let me know if I can ship anything to you!

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