Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Canada!

Permit me a wee bit of pride in my country. We Canadians hardly ever boast. We are a quiet, humble nation.

Until we get a hockey stick in our hands.

Or a beer in our bellies.

Or we totally rock the Winter Olympics!

Despite the fact that I thought the closing ceremonies were not very good (loved Catriona spoofing the failed hydraulics, and loved Neil Diamond, and Michael Buble, but come on, floating beavers and moose and women dressed like Mountie strippers?!) I loved the energy of the whole Olympic experience. This is so unlike Canada. We never wave flags or get carried away like this.

It feels good.

And this is what Bill Shatner tried to do last night:


Debby said...

Hi. My name is Debby. I am not Canadian. Can I still hang out with the cool people?

iBridget said...

Wasn't that a great hockey game? I never (ever) got into hockey on TV before this week. We ROCK!

nightsmusic said...

My congrats to you, Pam!

Of course, I do have to take a bit of pride in that win as well as Babcock is our Wings coach...

(yes, I am a Wing Nut) :o)

A Novel Woman said...

Yes Debby, we embrace everyone in Canada. We all come from somewhere else!

Bridget, was that not the most AWESOME GAME EVER? Crosbie saved our collective butts!

And Theo, Babcock was best buds with a friend and colleague of my husband, and he was wearing a McGill tie. My husband (and son, and father-in-law) are all McGill boys.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
The clip of William Shatner was from a show he did ages ago at the "Just for Laughs" festival, it was pretty funny then, I guess someone thought it was funny enough to reheat 10 years later. If you look quickly at the very end when the camera pans the audience you can see Dave right in the middle, he had a moustache back then, tee hee

A Novel Woman said...

Shut UP! I knew it was an old clip from the Just for Laughs, but now I'm going to go back and look for Dave.

Cool beans!