Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo Play

I still don't have Photoshop installed on my laptop. Long story short, I bought CS3 for my Dell then got a MacBook for Christmas before I even got the thing out of its package. When I went to exchange it for the Mac version, they'd already moved on to CS4 and wouldn't accept it.

Anyway, until I do get it sorted out, I occasionally want to manipulate some of my photos beyond what my basic iPhoto application can do. While casting about for alternatives, I found this site, called Tuxpi Picture Editor.

All you do is upload your photo, and then choose from a variety of frames or cool effects like Wall Painting or Kaleidoscope or Pencil Sketch. There are 42 in all. Go to if you want to give it a try and send a link if you post your photos.


Lottery Girl said...

DANG!!! Your girls are STUNNING! You did good, mom!

Oh yeah, guess we're talking about the photo program. No, I haven't tried this one. I have used Picnik. That's fun, and they do have a free version. The only thing is that of course, they do lower the resolution on your pics. But if they are only going on your computer, I guess that's okay. I'll have to try this one!

nightsmusic said...

I have CS-2. By the time I've figured out how to really use it, CS-5,143,776 will have been released. Tell me this is a bit easier and I'll give it a go. In the meantime, I'll just appreciate how creative you are :o)

kc dyer said...

I use picnik, baby. LOVE it. Just got photoshop, but I am scared of it. Have you seen the 'You Suck At Photoshop' webseries? Really funny. And like!

[Hug sweet Sarah for me, will ya?]


* I actually pay the premium for Picnik, which is TOTALLY worth it, but you can use the basic version for free

BB said...

Gorgeous! They are so much fun... but don't ever be scared of Photoshop. The secret is in the layers - you can always UNDO! I ♥ PS. You may have noticed...

Diane T. said...

Pam, your daughters are beautiful. Really beautiful. Love all the photos.

A Novel Woman said...

Not plural. This is just one of my daughters. They're both photogenic, but this one tolerates my camera.

As for PS, my camera club buddies are equally divided PS vs Lightroom. The ones who use Lightroom swear it's better for photographers. We'll see.

Diane T. said...

That explains it... I thought "both" girls looked very, very alike!