Monday, March 8, 2010

South Park Comes to Cottage Country

My husband never throws anything out. He still has his high school band shirt, in bright orange nylon, long underwear from the 70s when he used to cross-country ski, and this jacket. It's down-filled, very warm and there's "nothing wrong with it" according to him. At first glance, I might agree:

But take a look at it in profile:

Remind you of anyone?

I'm lucky I got a few shots in focus. I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep the camera steady.


Word Gardener said...

uncontrolled giggles. Thank your husband for spreading joy to the world.

Debby said...

I never saw SouthPark until I went to my son's house. Some of the episodes are stupid, but the one about violence is my very favorite. The kid streaking across the stage thinking he's invisible....

Funny pictures of your husband Kenny.

A Novel Woman said...

WG, I'll be sure to tell him.

Debby, I have a secret love for South Park. It's delightfully subversive.

nightsmusic said...

ROFLMAO and Trying to BREATHE!!!

So glad I wasn't drinking something just then.

OMG, I'm sorry, but that's hysterical! And I don't even watch South Park. Never have. So see? It's funny on its own!

BB said...

*giggles as sliding helplessly onto the floor*

Your husband LET you take these shots? Oh... sorry, but I have to twitter it!!

A Novel Woman said...

Oh he let me. We were both killing ourselves laughing.