Friday, June 11, 2010

A Giveaway!!

AND WE HAVE A WINNER: Linda "PA_Shutterbug" wins the $60 gift certificate.

I'll be contacting you with the details!

Here's a bit of serendipity for you.

I'm in the process of renovating our cottage bathroom, a room which (like me) is in need of a complete overhaul. I replaced everything but the tub, but honestly, the one piece that proved to be the most difficult to find was the bathroom vanity. I wanted something simple but solid, and with a bit of country charm. Like this:

Do you think I could find it? As I complained incessantly calmly explained to my husband, I drove everywhere, from one local store after another. They either didn't have it anything decent at all or, if I found something similar, they were out of stock. (We won't even go into how hard it is to pin down one of their salespeople for help. Seriously, they look right at you and bolt in the other direction. What is with that? Short of grabbing one of 'em by the apron strings and hauling him over to the shelf, it's impossible to get served.) Long story long, I eventually found something that will do, but it wasn't my first choice.

Then, as my luck would have it (the serendipity part) I received an email a few days ago and was offered a choice. Would I like to accept a $60 gift certificate from and keep it for myself, or would I like to give it away to one of my readers?

I decided to take the gift and run. Buh bye.

The end.

I kid. Besides the fact that I am almost finished my bathroom reno (hey, great timing boys!) I'd much rather give away a gift to one of you.

So, with that in mind, there is a $60 gift certificate to be won. And I see, from a casual browse through their online catalog, that they deliver to Canada as well as the U.S. and in a lot of cases, the shipping is free. (Sorry to my many Aussie buds and other friends around the world. I'll have to make sure the next giveaway includes the overseas contingent.) And may I add, the name Just Vanities is totally misleading because they have tons of other stuff to choose from - lights, faucets, room dividers, shelves, cabinets, furniture for the bedroom...

So, if you win, you can put it towards something like this nifty sink, then wrap it up and re-gift it to me for Christmas. I'm just saying. (Oh, how I love this sink, I covet this sink. What does it say about me that I covet a sink more than, say, a new handbag?):

Or you can go in a completely different direction and get a toilet seat with dolphins on it. I'm not kidding. It's a toilet seat. With dolphins. Yes, they have something for everyone.

To enter, just leave a comment and answer this skill testing question:

If a tree falls in the forest at the exact moment you go into your bathroom, will your kids still knock on the door?

Or you can just say "Pick Me!"

One entry per person.

You have until Friday June 11th at High Noon to enter.

A winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!


Unknown said...

Pick me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Pick me!

Yutha said...

Good God yes, they will....and pick me!!

Deniz Bevan said...

My cat will paw at the door begging to be let in so he can drink from his faucet :-)

What a great giveaway!

Deborah Small said...

Of course, they'll knock. And walk w/o waiting to be welcomed. Or whine under the door if it's locked and they can't find a toothpick to pick it. Oh, and btw, PICK me! :)

Love that sink.


Deborah Small said...

That was "walk in". Sheesh.

Lisa K. said...

Bien sur they will! And in case that`s not good enough -- pick me, pick me!!

Mary Beth Kelly said...

Knock? Who knocks?
And will there be any toilet paper on the roll?

Mary Beth / Beak

dykewife said...

i saw friday and thought i was too late to enter. luckily for me i wasn't.

the answer is: yes.

A Novel Woman said...

Keep 'em coming!

(Not you, Random Chinese comments.)

BB said...

I remember a place in the Sunshine Coast that has resin toilet seats which have rusty barbed wire and fake redback spiders in them! *shudder*
PS Realise I am not eligible to enter, just saying g'day!

A Novel Woman said...

Barbed wire and spiders? (shudder) Good for an outhouse, I suppose, though lots of them have real spiders.

Yutha said...

random Chinese comment (heh)

Hilarie said...

My dogs drink from the toilet and they said that you should pick their Mom because they want a classier toilet seat and perhaps a new toilet paper holder that they don't have to share with their humans.

Word Gardener said...

They'll not only knock, they'll also mumble an incoherent request, then get angry when I don't leap up immediately to fulfill said request. And,if there are no kids in the house, the cats are always more than willing to fill in! Pick me!

Anonymous said...

Pick me please! And have fun with your sisters!

Anne M.

Anonymous said...

My first win on a blog giveaway. When I received Pam's email that said i had won the gift certificate, I was all smiles. Thank you, Pam! I am "window shopping". There are lots of products to choose from!

A Novel Woman said...

You're welcome Linda! Have fun shopping.