Thursday, June 17, 2010

Viva.... Guess Where I Am.

The Novel Woman will be offline for a few days. She is headed off for a birthday bash with her two sisters. One of them is turning fifty (which is the reason for the trip) and the other is also celebrating a birthday, (In fact, it's today. Happy Birthday, dear Brink! Let me buy you a drink!)

Hey, where are you exactly Novel Woman, I hear you asking.

Here's a giant hint: Viva.....___  _______

Mayhem will ensue. And lots of photos.

For sure, eh.

This is so unlike any vacation I've ever taken before. I usually head to cities like London or Paris and wander through art galleries and museums and watch a lot of plays. I am particularly fond of Shakespeare. Do you think I'll find any Shakespeare in Vegas? My sister, last time she went, said all she wanted was to see an Elvis impersonator, a bride in full dress and a little person. She got her wish and saw all three. And the little person was a prostitute soliciting a client on the corner. Oh, this should be an interesting getaway.

And YES I've seen The Hangover. No worries.

We'll behave.




Anonymous said...

Have a great time in Vegas! Happy birthdays to both of your sisters.

BB said...

Cool!!! I heart Las Vegas - although it's been (ahem) about 20 years since I was there! (I need a lie-down now).

Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Behav-ish is right!! That post came in at 3:09 a.m.!!! You'll need to pace yourself. And have a great big whisky for me!!

nightsmusic said...

GO SEE PHANTOM!!! You'll kick yourself if you don't. The special effects alone are worth it. They were all done by Industrial Light and Magic, but Anthony is an awesome Phantom as well.

Just make sure you sit in the middle of the first floor bowl.

I'm not telling you why...

Debby said...

Oh my. I imagine that some good stories will be coming out of this trip.

*settles back to wait*

Lisa K. said...

Bon voyage!!! Sounds like a blast!

Deniz Bevan said...

Have a great time!