Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love is all around us

YES, I know it's shameless marketing and YES, I know my heartstrings are being shamelessly massaged by a master manipulator but this got to me.

Yes, I was caught up in the drama.

Yes, I cried at the end.

If you want to see how British people greet each other at the airport, go HERE.

I'm such a sucker for people at the airport.

Remember that scene at the beginning of LOVE ACTUALLY?

They got it right.


kc dyer said...

Okay -- I have never been greeted like that at Heathrow. But yes -- I still cry at the beginning of Love Actually. One of my favourite movies...


A Novel Woman said...

I know. Me too.

And that scene with Emma Thompson in her bedroom? I weep with her every time. She's amazing.

Laura Bradbury said...

Why does this never happen to ME when I arrive at Terminal 5?

Now that Halloween is over I was thinking last night that I have to pull out Love Actually. Yes, that scene when Emma Thompson is listening to Joni Mitchell and crying in the bedroom - gets me every time...



Julie said...

The Heathrow video was some good stuff! I needed some good humankind propaganda after the Obama hater who I just had to wait on.

Thanks for helping me get the residual bad taste out of my mouth.