Monday, July 18, 2011

How do you get around?

When you travel, I mean.

Do you walk, take a bus, tram or metro?

Do you drive a car? Fly a plane like my buddy Bruce?

Ride a horse or motorcycle or donkey?

Would you rollerskate? Hop on a skateboard? Curl up in a Winnebago?

Or would you consider a bicycle trip across Scotland like this fellow?


kc dyer said...

Peter says this guys is the best trials rider in the world.

I believe him!


Debby said...

I guess I ride a bicycle somewhat differently. I keep the wheels on the ground. I just feel more at ease that way.

Aven said...

I saw the link to this on the Forum the other day. Awesome. Great videography. Plus, I learned about two new [to me] bands.

Also, I usually drive. But I would_love_to roller-skate everywhere. Man I miss that.