Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Next Car

Is going to be THIS one. That's right, an actual flying car.

My husband should be happy because now I will stop pestering him to buy a Seadoo or a portable Jet Pack. By the way, when you look at the JetMan's website, you'll see a video. As I watched the beginning, I was confused as to which one of the two men was the JetMan. The obvious one was the guy with the cool jacket and Fabio coiffure, but then the old guy with the shaved head just screamed the message, "You're not the boss of me, life!"

I'm guessing he's not married. ("You're going to do WHAT now? When I said you needed a hobby how did you hear 'strap some jet fuel on your back and jump off the Grand Canyon?' I meant golf or military whist.")

And also, a helmet, really? You're hurling yourself over the Grand Canyon, JetMan. What do you expect a helmet to do, exactly? Keep your head warm before you turn it into scrambled eggs on the canyon floor? I kid, JetMan. You know I love you and your big plate of crazy. And the guys and gals at TED like you, too.

But, seriously a flying car? It's so...Mrs. Jetson. You can run errands in a flying car and bring home a carton of milk. Can you do that, JetMan? Do you even stop to think, as you're flying around the canyon or across the English Channel, that the family home may be out of toilet paper?

Next time someone tells me to "take off, eh"* now I can.

Also, nerds rule.

*Anyone who can name the source of that most Canadian of quotes gets a free space shuttle! No Googling. I can see your fingers from here.


Linda G. said...

If I even remotely liked flying, that would be pretty cool. Alas... *grin*

Anne S. said...

Sounds like Bob and Doug!

kc dyer said...

Anyone who had to Google Bob & Doug McKenzie doesn't deserve to call herself a Canadian!



Debby said...

I'm not even Canadian and I knew that it was the McKenzie brothers.

A Novel Woman said...

Koorookookookookookookoo! (spell check just had a seizure and keeled over)

Unknown said...

Flying cars? Not a bad thing to consider for your next car, huh? And here I thought we’re too far from a sci-fi inspired future yet. Haha! Oh well, it’s probably not gonna be on the market any time soon, so it's better to stick with conventional road vehicles for now. Any plans on buying a new one in the near future?

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