Thursday, August 18, 2011

And now for something completely different

Anderson Cooper gets the giggles when he tries to report on Gerard Depardieu and the public peeing incident on a plane. What? You don't know what Depardieu did? Oh, mon Dieu.

The "Je veux pisser!" moment is summarized HERE.

Then Anderson Cooper attempts to report on the incident with so many double entendres that he loses it and giggles like a little girl.

I can't watch this without laughing.

Oh, Gerard. What happened to you?

Hands up those of you who remember him from Green Card.


Debby said...

I do remember Green Card. He just didn't seem to be the type that would wind up pissing on a plane. In a plane. Whatever. He just seemed to be a class act. I got that wrong.

BB said...

Guess what!?? I have SOUND. I can HEAR. I can now 'get' your clips... *happy dance*

A Novel Woman said...

Hurray for BB!

Jace said...

Thanks for sharing this piece! I can't stop laughing! :)

Debby said...

Hurrah! BB can hear!!!!!!!!!!!