Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hummingbird Garden

Remember I posted some hummingbird photos a while back? I mean, I love the little buggers, I really do, but one or two at a time suits me just fine. After watching this video, I'm so thankful I don't live in the Ozarks. Seriously. I have a friend with a bird phobia (I won't name names but her name sounds like "Darlene" without a D) and I wonder what she would do if she stepped out of her house and she was swarmed by hundreds of hummingbirds like these people.

(It would make an awesome blog post, though.)

(Sorry "Darlene" but it would.)

(And you know you'd watch that video. Don't lie to me.)


Debby said...

Jees. I didn't think they'd flock like that. At my house, they seem kind of territorial. They'll fight with each other. Ozark hummers must be a kinder gentler hummingbird.

A Novel Woman said...

I have the same kind you have. If one male is drinking and another comes along, they have a mid-air sword fight until one is chased off.

Linda G. said...

Wow! I've never seen that many hummingbirds together in one place. Amazing!

nightsmusic said...

That is amazing!!

My three just fight over the feeder when they're all around it. I have one though who's taken to sitting on the tray itself, not the ring they usually cling to. He makes himself into a little solid ball, sticks his beak out and dares the others to 'just try it'. He's got attitude!