Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Game

It's called "spot the mistakes in this spam" and we can all play!

I found this in my junk mail file, and if he/she is telling the truth about being a retired teacher, well, no wonder we're in so much trouble.

How many mistakes can you spot from this one little 'ole excerpt?

Good Evening, I was bored and started just visiting on PBSs city entrepreneur section early last monday and then was infatuated with this new online based job where retired teachers continue to earn up to $3900 every few days and she did not really trust some of it at the start yet we really had to try it & thank the lord I did because I somehow made $258.04 my very 1st full day. its surprisingly easy I've already gotten paid once straight into my checking account! it's definently the best oppurtunity that has happened to us all year,


Deborah Small said...

Holy Grammar School, Batman; me thinks the lady needs to go back and start over as a student!

Gotta love those spammers. :)


Debby said...

Wowsers, NW. If that poor excuse of a teacher could make $258.04 her very first day, well, just imagine how much a competant teacher could make.

We need to get the word out!


What's so funny?!!!!!!

Rachel Chesnutt Blasdell said...

Now don't be so harsh. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation. Such as she's been using some of her new earnings to buy adult beverages. Yes, that's it. She's typing drunk.