Friday, November 25, 2011

The Hidden Power of Smiling

The span of your smile can predict the span of your life.

The act of smiling can make you healthier, and make you happier than eating chocolate or winning cash.

Well, I guess I knew all about the power of a smile. I married a dentist, who not only gives brilliant smiles to others, but goes through life with a broad smile himself. This is an awesome lecture, and not that long.


A Novel Woman said...

The blog of the country?! Wow! I was wondering how I could do that.

Finland, Finland, Finland, the country where I want to be, pony trekking or camping, or just watching TV...

Name that movie.

Linda G. said...

I've heard of the physiological benefits of smiling before -- that making yourself smile even when you don't really feel like can actually make you happier. Maybe we should all exercise our smile muscles more. (I'd take that over situps any day. *grin*)

A Novel Woman said...

True dat.

Debby said...

I generally end up w/ a smile or two when I wander over here.

PS. Never trust a puppet. Even a puppet called Teuvo. Just saying. Even puppets from foreign countries.