Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Locked Out and Snowbound = Cabin Fever

I am locked out of my Hotmail account, which is frustrating the heck of me. It's how I stay in touch with friends and family, so to be denied access is making me nuts, particularly on a day when I am snowbound. What's that, you ask, all my Aussie friends enjoying summer? What's that, you ask, my parents in sunny Florida, complaining because it's too windy to play tennis? What's that, you ask, all my friends in the desert in Arizona, or the rain forest of B.C.? Snowbound? What does that mean, exactly?

It means I can't get into my car because it's iced shut.

It means I have to shovel my driveway as far as the mound of hard-packed boulders the city plow left, effectively blocking me in, at which point I will wrap my shovel around a tree.

It means I can't walk Buddy, do any Christmas shopping, get groceries, mail cards.

Do I seem grumpier than usual? Around 5 a.m., after a fitful night from unsuccessfully blocking the sweet aural caress of deep canine snoring not unlike that of a geezer on a bender, I heard Buddy fall out of his bed (i.e. the armchair in the corner of our bedroom) and land with a loud grunt on the floor. After pitter-pattering in slow circles around the hardwood on his unclipped nails (note to self: clip Buddy's nails) I lay there and listened, willing him with my mental powers to climb back up and go to sleep. He tried and failed repeatedly to jump into the chair. He'd launch himself with everything he had, but he kept sliding off the mini-duvet I helpfully put out for him the night before, hitting the floor, again and again. I finally got up and heaved him back into bed, for which he seemed grateful as he resumed his snoring almost immediately. What does he care? He loves the snow. I was just drifting off (no pun intended) when Boris forced his way in and jumped on my chest. Normally Doug lets him out every morning, so when he sat on me and went deadweight, I knew he was saying, "Make the snow go away, woman." I wish, dear Boris. If only....

Old man winter mocks me. Even my barbeque is laughing.


Anonymous said...

After seeing your blog today I shall never, never complain about the wind in Florida again.

Anonymous said...

At least the BBQ looks happy!

A Novel Woman said...

I know who you are, Anonymous.

Don't forget the sunblock.

nightsmusic said...

OMG! ROFLMAO!!! I have a dog that does the same thing! Falls off the arm of the chair though:

Her usual perch. However, she's got to be considerably bigger than Buddy and usually sounds like she's broken through the floor and into the basement.

And you could send as much of that snow this was as you've a mind to!! I am SO wanting snow here!

BTW, I really like the hair color!


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Did you colour your hair?? Very sexy mama! Love the picture of the Budster....

Hi "Anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Forget the snow. Being locked out of email would drive me right round the bend. Hope the problem sorts itself out soon!

My word verification is "undeal" which seems appropriate to the situation somehow. *g* Hmmm... "Being locked out of email is such an undeal!"

A Novel Woman said...

Theo, your dog cracks me up! HAHAHAHA!! No wonder he falls off.

Ahem. And your house looks awfully tidy. Seriously, what's up with that?

Yutha, we (the colourist and I) decided to try very dark brown. It's almost black in places. Not sure I like it. It reminds me of Mrs. Croxen. Do you remember her? Her living room was all in black and red, with mirrored walls and a shag rug of a matador and bull over the couch. She and her husband were nudists. She made fantastic crepes, though. But her black, with a white scalp shining through.

Kitty Kat, I think my email is working again (whatever you did worked!) but I'll catch up tomorrow.

nightsmusic said...

Don't kid yourself. My house is always neat. From that one particular view! LOL If I'd turned the camera a bit to the left, you'd never even know what color the kitchen counter is for the crap all over it and let's not even get into what my chair-and-a-half that I was sitting in when I took that shot looks like, but the DH calls it 'command central' because the arms are like the one the dog perches on and they're covered with research books, mail, magazines, cell and house phone, my latest read, by ms corrections...and that's just the stuff that isn't buried! LOL

And I don't care. I LIKE your hair!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I don't remember Mrs. Croxen at all......but I do like your hair!

Jindivick Wildlife Care said...

That BBQ is hysterical! You have made me feel cold - I will have to go and put on a jumper over my short sleeved t-shirt. Perhaps I will need to put slippers on my bare feet. OK - I'm sorry - but you know us Aussies just have to give you a hard time - it's just who we are!
I hope you get out soon.

Pommie said...


Get out, you say? Problem is, my car is welded shut with about 1/2 inch of thick ice insulated with a foot of snow. Just use the scraper, you say? I would except it's in the car. Use the second, spare scraper you say? It's the car.

Use your brain, you say?

Too late. On ice. Clearly.

A Novel Woman said...

I don't know why I showed up as Pommie in the last comment. That's my pet name from my sister, neither of us knowing at the time that it's not the in Oz as it is here in Canada.

Let's try this again and see if I can get the Novel Woman back.

Debby said...

No reason to leave the house now, correct? I mean you've got e-mail again, and food, right. Stay put, and enjoy housebound. I always liked housebound, although now I'm getting a little cranky about it.

A Novel Woman said...

Yes, but I want to do some Christmas baking and I'm almost out of butter.

I could walk to the corner store. That way I could at least make some shortbread cookies and get the pin rolling, as it were.

It is gorgeous outside today. Sun is a shining, the snow is a glistenin', the Budster is a spinnin' in circles at the mention of "leash".

nightsmusic said...

So, you're willing to trudge through 12 feet of snow, uphill...both ways, to get a pound of butter so you can bake. :-P

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention your new hair colour yesterday. I like it. As a matter of fact, I didn't even recognize my own daughter's picture! Embarrassing! Mom

Don't give up on it. It takes a while to get to a new hair colour.

BB said...

Of course I meant "big" and not "nig"... am not even going there.