Friday, June 12, 2009

Life as a Book Editor

In the form of a cartoon. You can have a look Here. Thanks to Nathan Bransford for the link.

And if you've ever attended the Surrey International Writers' Conference and the "Surrey Idol" - where a panel of agents listen as Jack Whyte reads the first page (paragraph, sentence, word...) from a pile of unpublished manuscripts until enough agents raise their hands to indicate "STOP!" - you'll know it's not too far off the mark.

Bon week-end à tous! I'm off to prime the pump.

(I know it sounds like a euphemism from the urban dictionary of slang but I'm being quite literal.)

And here are some random photos for Brenda. Because she asked. Go Nikon D200! And kudos to the 50mm lens. I'm in love with that puppy.


nightsmusic said...

Did you read the entire weeks worth of strips. They were all funny. You should if you have time. At you can read them all in order.

The flowers are just beautiful. My poor poppies have lost their heads. :-( Left their little petals all over the place. *sigh*

A Novel Woman said...

As long as you don't lose yours you'll be fine.

Laura Bradbury said...

Dear Pam,

Have you signed up for SIWC yet? Booked your room? Gorgeous flower pics - loving them!

ty t bhtrf f vvbhyvb

That was love note from Clem, who is on my lap.

bises xo


A Novel Woman said...

Laura, you know it baby. Room booked, flight booked, conference booked. You're going, right?

Give that Clem a big kiss from me!