Friday, June 19, 2009

What's in your garden?

While I was meandering about in my (neighbour's) garden last week...
trying to figure out what is what,
and having little luck, (seriously, what IS that, above?)
I decided to just stop and smell the - - well, you know.
and it was all fine and dandy.
until I came across this, below. This really caught my attention. It was just sitting there. In a window well. Begging to have its photo taken.

What is it, you say?
Roofing nails, held by copper wire, resting on top of a rusty tin can of leftover tar, with the beauty and symmetry of an old nautilus shell.

Cool beans. Beauty can be found in the oddest of places.

What's hiding in your garden?


Rachel Walsh said...

The photo of the nails is just stunning, Pam. Gorgeous.

Now I'm all inspired to go look in my garden, but I'm afraid the only offerings will be weeds (God, the weeds!) and busted up, plastic sandpit toys. Sigh.

BB said...

Fabulous! That white flower looks like our day lillies here (don't quote me, I am not expert!).

My garden? Great Dane sized poops are the main feature at the moment! And I ain't doing a macro shot of those suckers...

A Novel Woman said...

Ah, Rachel. Do not despair. The photos I post are not from MY garden.

And BB, I get Buddy Bombs on a fairly regular basis in my yard.