Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Women's Colony

Okay, this blog called THE WOMEN'S COLONY seriously cracked me up.

They talk of a tiny bit of paradise off the grid, for women only, especially those who have spent their time child-rearing and working and volunteering to the point of exhaustion. Which is pretty much all of us.

"The fantasy was more about the sanctity of a female refuge for older, tired women who needed some sort of estrogen infused utopia. When times were tough, they would simply utter Women's Colony and nerves would ebb, hope would rally, dinner would make it to the table, children would be bathed, bedtime stories would be read, and, finally, wine bottles would be drained."

What's your idea for paradise? Mine would involve a large library, manservants and pet minders.


Debby said...

Paradise? A job I thoroughly enjoyed, weekends off, husband on the same shift.

I got a child in college, so I'm not quite ready for a large library, scantily clothed manservants, and pet minders. What? You didn't say scantily clothed? I thought for sure you did....

BB said...

Ha!! LOL at Debby and you with your little fantasies going here... my idea of Paradise? Lots of girlfriends, some chilled chardonnay and antipaso, new Nikons and lenses as far as the eye could see, lush green surrounds and scantily clad manservants... well, you started it! (Debby... Pam... whoever).

Debby said...

Pam did. Except now she's gone back to edit her post, and just to make me look bad.

Laura Bradbury said...

Dear Pam,

I'm not a difficult woman. Just give me that dashing gardener in his blue bathing trunks and I will be satisfied.

He doesn't even need to bring his lawnmower.


Laura B.

Kelly said...

I love The Women's Colony!