Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowe'en is over for another year

And around here, it was windy and rainy and miserable all day, which made for poor conditions for tricking and treating, but great conditions for photos.

This is the view from my yard. I wish I had been at the lake and had a better view across the water without the power lines, etc. But still, it was spectacular.

So how was Hallowe'en in your neck of the woods?


Anne S. said...

Stunning shots!

A Novel Woman said...

Thanks Anne! I would not have left my cosy chair inside were it not for my Youngest AKA The Artist, who convinced me to run outside with both our cameras in hand. We'll see how hers turn out when she develops the film.

BB said...

Oh just lovely!
We don't do Halloween but my sister's daughter did a great costume:

And your daughter still has FILM? No-one processes it much round here anymore...

A Novel Woman said...

My daughter is studying Fine Arts at Uni, so they begin with film. They also process it themselves.

nightsmusic said...

Great pics! I love the colors. :)

The day here was okay, not too cold, no rain for a change, but not one kid came to the door. And no, it's not us. :-P We just have no small kids in the neighborhood anymore.

Which leaves the 37 bags of candy I bought in anticipation all for me! ;-)