Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost and found

As many of you know, my Youngest is across the country at university. She's in her element, studying fine arts. But she misses her home and family, and asked if we wouldn't mind sending a postcard every once in a while to lift her spirits. Isn't it true that there's something really satisfying about receiving an actual letter or postcard or box in the mail? An email just doesn't cut it. And this girl loves postcards. Look at the wall above her desk at home.

The wall of postcards
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So, as a mom who lives to please her younguns, I rummaged around my desk drawer and discovered a special packet of postcards I'd purchased at my favourite place on earth, the National Portrait Gallery in London. I was saving these for a special occasion (or person) and I knew my daughter merited one or two. She loves this gallery as much as I do, and we visited it together for her sixteen birthday and my hmmphbeedumph-tieth.

I filled the card with nonsense about home and how proud I was that she'd taken up knitting and asked if she might give me some pro-tips when she came home at Christmas since she'd managed to knit herself a beautiful hat after reading directions on the internet. Then, after putting double postage on the thing just to make sure, I passed the card on to my husband and asked him to add it to the outgoing mail in his office, thinking that would be the fastest method to get it to our girl.


My husband meant well, but he really is the quintessential absent-minded professor. He called me later that day and said now, don't be mad, but I lost the postcard somewhere between the house and the office. He had retraced his steps but there was no sign of the card.

I couldn't send another exactly like it. This was a one-of, purchased years ago. We told Youngest what happened and said we'd meant well, but....sorry.

Well, she phoned yesterday and said she'd gone to the post office with her roommate, who found four cards in her inbox. As she watched and felt just the teensy-eensiest sorry for herself, she looked in her box and saw something inside.

It was the lost postcard. Someone found it and added the following message to my motherly ramblings about studying hard, learning to knit and coming home for Christmas:

I found this postcard in Westmount Square, MTL. Keep on knitting! Karl

I think this added message thrilled our girl even more than the original card. Here was someone who took the time and effort to make a stranger happy. Wow.

So here's to you, Karl, wherever you may be. Thanks for bringing a little sunshine into our lives, and may you find joy and happiness and good health this holiday season.


iBridget said...

That's so sweet! Love those random acts of kindess.

Yutha said...

Oh that is SO cool - I love that! This isn't the same, coolwise, but the other day I was in the drive thru lineup, let a lady go in front of me and when I got to the window I found out she'd bought my drink. Made my day. By the way, I'll get Leah to mail her something - she loves to do that.

nightsmusic said...

She'd get more postcards if you cared to give us a post office box number :)

I miss writing actual letters and postcards.

I think that's a pretty awesome thing though. There really are still people in this world who are just...well...nice.

Unknown said...

I love this story. It definitely adds a little extra something that Karl added his own note to it. So cool.

BB said...
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A Novel Woman said...

Hmmm....sorry I haven't replied to everyone. Blogger is not sending any comments to my email account. I thought everyone gave up on my blog!

Wasn't it a sweet thing to do? And she was most tickled that this Karl added a note!

Thanks for the offers to send more postcards, but my girl will be home in just a few weeks. Time to start the Christmas baking, methinks.

Kelly said...

Oh man, thanks for the smile and thanks to Karl! He just made my day!

missdani said...

What a sweet thing for that person to do. Gives you hope, and I am so glad it made your daughter happy.

Deniz Bevan said...

What a great story! There was an author (name escapes me) who apparently used to do that - stamp all his letters and toss 'em out the window; they always got mailed! I always wondered if it would work :-)

A Novel Woman said...

Well, Deniz, keep an eye out for Karl. He's in your 'hood!

MissDani, Karl made a lot of people happy didn't he?