Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I fought the yarn and the...yarn won.


I will not admit defeat, certainly not at the hands of...well, my own hands.

New tactic. Switch to bigger knitting needles. Size 12mm actually, about the size of fence posts. My rationale for doing so is simple. Genius, actually.

One, it will knit up much quicker.

Two, I don't need my reading glasses to see it.

Three, it looks lacy and kind of rustic, which works due to the nature of this particular wool. I mean, it's near impossible to get uniform rows because this Leicester wool is spun to a thin bit of string here and a fat slub there (here a slub, there a slub, everywhere a slub slub) so why not go for a deliberately uneven look. It's like the new hairstyles we're seeing out of Hollywood - they're not messy, they're "tousled". My scarf is the new tousled.

Well, several rows have knit up quicker than the extra pounds on my hips after Christmas, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Never give up, never surrender!

What do you think? I'm kind of digging it.


Lottery Girl said...

OMGosh! YES YES YES!!!! That is gorgeous--I love the holes, especially with that particular colorway.

A Novel Woman said...

I know! With the 20 stitches I cast, the colours just naturally fall into stripes.


nightsmusic said...

Um...Pam? The cast-on row is...never mind. It looks lovely! And I do like the stripes. :) How wide will it be at 20 stitches?

Keep going! You'll win this yet.

A Novel Woman said...

Don't you be talkin' 'bout my cast-on row!

No one is going to notice it once the Tousled Scarf is finished and draped around my neck. Especially if I wear flashy earrings to draw the eyes up.

How wide? Around 8 inches. It's enough, right LG?

Julie K said...

I think the cast on row is lovely - how pretty! I expect to see it finished by the time I come to visit!! :)

Debby said...

Flashy earrings work on a bunch of levels, it seems.

I actually think that it is pretty, and here's the thing. If you're pleased with it, well, then you're all set. Knit on, sister!

Anne S. said...

Gorgeous - I LOVE the colorway!

Diane T. said...

Dahling, you look mahvelous! Or rather, it does.

And I love that yarn! I know nothing about knitting, so ignorance is bliss regarding cast-on rows and the like. All I know is it looks great.

Who's that Jack Black alter ego? Tenacious D? Well, I think you're Tenacious P.

Yutha said...

Bigger needles! Why didn't I think of that?? Excellent plan. Capital. (I just finished a Jane Austen marathon on TV - I keep thinking in a British accent)...

A Novel Woman said...

Tah, dahlings.

Still at it! Looking good.

BB said...

You are talking to the most non-handicrafty person on this earth. Bravo for having a red hot go... looks great to me. But what would I know?

Linda G. said...

By George, I think she's got it! Lovely. :)

I went through a knitting phase when I was 21. If you can call one scarf a "phase," that is. Or a muffler, I guess. Anyway, it's really, really long, because I wasn't quite sure how to end it. Casting on & knitting I could manage, but that last part I handed over to my aunt to complete for me.