Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feline Groovy

A lot is going on right now. A friend in a writers' forum I frequent died in the night but I don't really want to talk about that here.

Then there's other stuff, the least of which is unresolved dishwasher problems and car decisions and more skunks in the backyard.

So I'm posting this because it makes me feel good.

Sometimes you just need more cowbell in your life. And by cowbell I mean cat.

Thanks to Nathan Bransford for the link.

Also, if you're interested in seeing how the new iPad e-book works, check out Nathan's blog. It's kind of cool beans. Not sure which side of the argument I come down on, because I love the feel of a good hardcover in my hands, especially when I am the first one to crack its spine and inhale all that good ink before diving in.


nightsmusic said...

Pretty expensive cat toy! :lol: That's very cute though. I love cute cats.

And you get a hug from me anyway.


Anne S. said...

That was hilarious!!!!!! Thanks for the giggle...

Diane T. said...

I loved Nathan's giggling in the background.

Debby said...

Ms. NW? One of my many talents is that I can trap and relocate skunks. This is a true story. I feel that it would make a good tutorial for a blog post. I will do just that. Wish we lived closer. I could show you how it is done, while you take large numbers of pictures to illustrate my blog post.

A Novel Woman said...

Debby, where is your nearest airport?

I have trapped one skunk, inadvertently while trying to get a squirrel, and the result was Not Good.Now that another family is in the 'hood, I need help. Professionals charge $150 per skunk to trap and release. I don't want to pay that, or do I want to put a Live Skunk in my New Car.

PLEEEEASE do a tutorial. One dog skunking was enough for a lifetime. (shudder)

nightsmusic said...

See? If you left those zany squirrels alone, you wouldn't be trapping skunks by mistake! :op

(couldn't resist)

A Novel Woman said...

Anyone is welcome to come to my house for a tour through the attic. And then you shall see for yourself what true squirrel carnage looks like.

Fingers crossed, they haven't been able to get in what with the new siding we installed. Whoo hoo!


Off to twirl three times and spit.

nightsmusic said...


Twirl three times and spit? Never heard that one before. As long as you don't spit on yourself, does it work?

Jayne said...

Love the video, then again I'm owned by several cats ;)