Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh Canada! Our home and la la la

Spent the day cleaning out my car in anticipation of new car arriving tomorrow.

However, I can't dislodge two toonies stuck between the seats and lodged under the plastic holding the seat down. This is bugging me hugely. And bugging me even more that it's bugging me.

Never mind. It's a beauteous day, the forsythia is blooming alongside the bluebells, the sun is shining, and all is good today.

And just look what's turned up in my local theatre. A documentary about Canada. Awesome. I'm shocked and amazed and tickled pink and dancing the light fantastic because it's playing just around the corner and this is the only theatre I see listed for the whole of Quebec. Whoo hoo!

Here's the trailer for 10 Days Across Canada. I don't know how they got across the country in 10 days and managed to see anything worthwhile. I think they cheated. We'll see. It's got Jian Ghomeshi's name attached to it, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. His grace under fire while interviewing Billy Boob Thornton (who pulled the diva card on him) has already won him the hearts of most Canadians. Fingers crossed it doesn't suck. Canadian productions go one of two ways. Either lame humour along the lines of Wayne & Shuster (think about the giant blow-up beavers and Mountie-attired stripper girls in the closing ceremonies of our last Winter Olympics) or clever, smart funny stuff like Rick Mercer in THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES.

I don't know how good it will be, but it will have a hard time beating my all time favourite tribute to Canada, ONE WEEK with Joshua Jackson with the most amazing soundtrack.

Warning: it's a heartbreaker.

But if you do watch it, you'll be inspired to hop in your car, on your bike or horse or RV or whatever floats your boat and see this grand old broad we call home. It will make you look at your life and ask the question "What am I not doing right now that I wish I was doing? Now, why am I not doing it?"

Oh Canada. Our home and native land, true patriot love, in all of us command. (I changed the words a wee bit, but let's call it....improvisation.)


Debby said...

I've never even heard of One Week, but added it to my list of movies I'd like to see.

Yutha said...

Oh, luckyyyy. I don't think it'll be playing in our small town (maybe T.O.). They think our brains can only handle the big blockbusters like Spiderman or Bond movies. I'd love to see that movie.

Deniz Bevan said...

One Week was a brilliant movie! You'll have to let me know if 10 Days is as good.
And, um, I must confess... I first heard of Rick Mercer around the time I was watching a lot of Ken Finkleman and, at the time, Finkleman was much funnier than silly old Mercer, and I've never been able to shake that impression...

A Novel Woman said...

HAHA, Ken was the first guy I thought of and I wasn't sure anyone else would remember NEWSROOM!

Just thinking about his muffin obsession makes me laugh.