Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Forest Laird

First things first.

Jack Whyte is one helluva storyteller.

Not only that, but the man has a voice that could melt butter and is a master orator and singer. Whenever he speaks, he commands the attention of the entire room, even when that room has 800+ people in it. And he's singing about amorous hippos. (That's a whooole other story.)

Some years back, at a party during the Surrey International Writers' Conference and following a few Lagavulins, he and I talked about the seeds of this novel. His excitement was contagious, and I remembered thinking how I couldn't wait to read it. So I've been waiting, impatiently, ever since.

Jack's novel THE FOREST LAIRD A Tale of William Wallace is now published and I might suggest you just stop what you're doing (yes, right now, put down whatever it is you're doing and get in your car to drive to your nearest independent bookstore or library or just clickety-clack on to Amazon or Indigo) and pick up a copy. I got mine a few days ago, and made the mistake of leaving it on a table where my husband spied it. Now, in order to preserve the marital bliss that has kept us strong for 25+ years, we are going to have to resort to paper, scissors, rock to see who gets to read it first.

Okay, that's not true. My husband will let me read it first. Because he's a nice guy. And because I hid it where he can't find it.

Here is a trailer for the book:


Debby said...

Oooh. If I hide the book where your husband can't find it, can I read it next?

Truth be told, it looks like a dandy book, and I'm a-thinking to buy it and hide it from myself until the end of this semester. Only problem is that I've never been good at hiding things from myself. *sigh*

A Novel Woman said...

Sure can. He can't even find milk in the fridge so you're good.