Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Westward Ho!

It's time for the Surrey International Writers' Conference to begin. I'm off to Vancouver then onward to Surrey for a few days of writing workshops, schmoozing in the bar, catching up with friends from around the globe and all sorts of madness. For me, the madness usually takes place in the elevator. I've got quite a few elevator stories, each more bizarre than the last.

It really is the best writer's conference in the world, and this will mark my...hmm...9th year I think? If you're a Diana Gabaldon fan, she'll be there. Here I am with Anne Perry and Jack Whyte last year (excuse the quality..taken with an iPhone.)

Looking at the photo, I just realized I packed the same outfit to wear on Saturday night that I wore last year. Do you think anyone will notice? Ach, I can't go and repack again. Dammit dammit. I like it because it's comfy, and I hate hate hate dressing up. I'd wear pajamas if I could.

Do you like dressing up? Or do you prefer to lounge in sweatpants?

I'm not bringing my laptop with me as I'm too busy to even take a breather most days. We start early and end late, oh boy do we end late. I'm usually exhausted and exhilarated and inspired all at once by the time it ends.

See you "live" next week. I'll post a few things in advance, but I probably won't be able to respond until Monday at the earliest. And I'll raise a glass and toast all my friends who can't make it this year. Here's to you and hope we see you in 2011!

Wish my hubby luck with the cooking. He tends not to eat when I'm not around.


Aven said...

I'm so excited. Can't seem to sleep past 5 am. the last few days. *s* I'd prefer my p.j.s as well, but I brought a dress for Saturday night because I had no idea how dressy or casual it is. The rest of the conference is jeans and sweaters.

Debby said...

Just unhide that book about Rob Roy, and your husband will be so busy reading he won't realize that he hasn't eaten.

Debby said...

er. William Wallace.