Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My good friend kc dyer wrote about Movember month. It's when ordinary citizens, mostly men, grow a mustache in support of prostate cancer research. Mustache in November = Movember.

Here is my son.

I think he looks like a spy from a cheesy 40s spy movie. At least it's for a good cause.

And presumably he'll be shaving it off come December 1st.


Youngest said...

I like that you said MOSTLY men.

A Novel Woman said...

Hey, we want to be inclusive.

kc dyer said...

Aieee! Chris looks BRILLIANT! Like Errol Flynn, I think, [though, of course, less decadent and more noble. Of course...]


BB said...

Movember is huge in Australia - we have entire newsrooms filled with mustachioed (sp?) men. (Not women that I have noticed, but I admit to not checking closely).

I definitely feel like I am in some weird 70's movie.

Your son is quite handsome in a Starsky and Hutch kinda way...

nightsmusic said...

The first thing I thought of is:

"Grease is the word, is the word, is the word..."

Okay, so I love music. But your son sure is handsome.

As a side note, my DH has had a furry face for all of the 33 years I've known him except for a week when he shaved it off. I told him if he intended to remain that way, he could move back in with his mother...

A Novel Woman said...

My husband had a mustache once. He looked like a terrorist. A big, goofy terrorist. Not my favourite look for him.

My son is handsome, but he looks way better without the 'stache.