Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To all my twisted knitter sistahs

You have to knit to really appreciate the silliness of this video. It uses dubbed computer voices to your text, which only adds to its quirky charm.

Dedicated to that particular member of the family (you know who you are) who knits something for practically everyone on her Christmas list.

"Yes, green."

Kills me.

from The Panopticon, a wonderful knitting blog

And in other news....

NoNoWriMo continues. I hated it this morning. Couldn't get going, didn't want to write. Wanted to stomp on its head. Had no ideas. Ideas that did surface sucked. Got discouraged, especially when I read a rant on another blog about how NaNoWriMo is a bad idea because it encourages crappy writing, makes you a slave to word count and therefore you end up with something that can't be fixed no matter how much time you put into editing the hell out of it. In other words, a complete waste of time.

Well, yes and no. I wanted to see if having a deadline would push me to write more. More words, more often, more consistently. I will think of a million excuses not to write. But what happens when I'm forced to write (in my case, I don't know about anyone else) is that in the act of writing, certain creative doors just pop open. I sit back and look inside and think, "well what do you know about that?" It's not enough to just sit around and think about ideas, or even to write an outline. It's the act of doing it that reveals all kinds of stuff.

Today a character popped up out of nowhere. It was supposed to be a creepy old man. It turned out to be a tattooed, pierced, charming young woman. And having this girl there suddenly created a new and welcome twist in the plot. Hm. Not sure I would have thought of her had I just outlined, or stared at the clouds.

I'm exercising my creative muscles. I don't know if I'll end up with something usable or not. But when I lift weights, I'm not aiming for the Olympics. I just know I'll be in better shape than when I started. That's all I want out it. Maybe I'm just being too Canadian.

The last point in this other blog was that writing is supposed to be enjoyable, not done "with a gun to your head." Well, some of us need more motivation than others. If not a gun to the head, maybe a kick in the butt. NaNoWriMo is my kick in the butt.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a tattooed lady to attend to.


Blasé said...

I'm afraid of getting a tattoo because I've been told there is pain involved.

A Novel Woman said...

No pain, no gain bro.

Debby said...

Well, maybe your novel could contain a part for an untattooed person hwo is afraid of pain. Nice counterpoint to the nice tattooed girl. And maybe the untattooed person could be the person of abnormal psychology and the tattooed person could be the normal person. It could be a comedy. The girl is the daughter of a dying woman who is urging her to settle down with a nice young man. So she meets 'Norm'. Who turns out to be the twisted charactor in the story. But her mother loves him because he looks normal.

Those who can't nanowrimo tell others how to do it.