Monday, December 20, 2010

Freezing Fog

A freezing fog crept in during the night

and caressed each tree with icy fingers

it trapped the light

and held it

until the midday sun rose high

and released its grip

the mist

swirled into the shadows

and settled

by mutual agreement
because the sun
always trumps fog
so there

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KDTR said...

Your photography is awesome, as always.
It was an unbelievably beautiful day and you have captured some of its loveliness.

A Novel Woman said...

Wasn't it something? Eldest also saw a rainbow on the way to work. Cool beans.

Deniz Bevan said...

Absolutely gorgeous - I'm so glad you took these lovely photos! I was very surprised when I left the house this morning, and kept touching branches to see if it was real.

A Novel Woman said...

I know. The whole town looked like a big department store window all decorated for Christmas!

The Viking Princess said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. We had a white Christmas last year and it was so's gonna be 82 degrees here today...that's nice too.

BB said...

Oh WOW Pam... WOW!!!
Now THAT is what I imagine northern hemisphere Christmas's should look like. Magic.