Monday, December 6, 2010

One for the road

If you have ever been tempted to have one more glass of wine, or just a smidgen of Bailey's after dinner, and then drive home because you feel fairly confident you are sober enough to drive, well have a look at this piece from yesterday's New York Times Magazine.

Here's what can happen
: You attend a small dinner party at your brother's house with your 80-year-old mother, your visiting 74-year-old second cousin from Holland and assorted other family members. As per family custom, you enjoy hors d'oeuvres and several glasses of wine over a lovely meal full of conversation and laughter. Around 9 o'clock, after a couple of small cups of the rest here


Lottery Girl said...

I hardly ever speak out about this issue, because I sound like such a prude or a kill-joy, or whatever. But I NEVER have a drop of alcohol if I know I am going to drive a car. EVER.

What if I drank one glass of wine and I had an accident? I would always wonder if that one glass somehow contributed to the accident. And God forbid, what if someone were injured in that accident? Perhaps it was all because I had to have a glass of wine. Seems ridiculous to me.

I also am aware that my kids are watching, and that I am setting the example for them. Great for me to tell them not to drink and drive if I thought it was okay for me to do.

Diane T. said...

I read this article last night and immediately handed it over to my husband since I think it's far too easy for that situation to occur. Then I showed it to my "about to learn how to drive" son and told him he has to read it tonight.

LG, I never thought about it so consciously before, but I, too, never have a drop to drink if I know I'll be driving. I guess I've always known that I'm a "lightweight" and, thus, can feel even a sip.

A Novel Woman said...

I agree with you both. What I've told my kids is that you must make the decision not to drink before you go out, and stick to it. Once you start drinking, even one drink, your ability to make decisions is impaired.