Monday, December 27, 2010

The Winner!!

I'm pleased to announce the winner of Diana Gabaldon's anniversary edition of OUTLANDER.

I wrote down everyone's name, one, two or three times if they were a follower or had a note up on Twitter etc., and then assigned each one a number. I used the Random Generator to choose a number and #37 came up.

I consulted my master list and #37 was assigned to....

drumroll please....


I know from Debby's blog how much she likes to read and I'm pretty sure she's going to love this book.

So Debby, if you're out there in blog land, please send me your address via email and I'll have your book flying its way to you ASAP. Unless you want to wait until October, in which case I can ask Diana to sign it for you and then I'll send it. Your choice.

Thanks for playing everyone! More contests in the new year as I hit my 500th post.


nightsmusic said...

I've been offline with a hard drive crash and didn't get a chance to do this until now so...though it's late, I still wish you a Merry Christmas and at least I'm in time to say Happy New Year!

(did you miss my annual squirrel Christmas card this year? ;o) )

Debby said...

OOoooooh. I won! I won! I won!

Dignity and decorum and all of that kind of go out the window when I win.

Ooooh. I won!

A Novel Woman said...

NM, I did miss it. I think it ended up in my spam folder!

Debby, congratulations!! Dance around all you want.

Just send me an email with the pertinent info and I'll send it off to you asap.

nightsmusic said...

It wasn't picked up, so I sent you a new one. Merry Christmas, Pam. :o)

A Novel Woman said...

Ah, I got it today. Now those squirrels I like!

Thanks for the holiday wishes!