Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cannot Wait for This

 My favourite musical ever. Ever.

I've seen the live show several times, and I didn't have high hopes for the movie version, but they're performing live, rather than recording in the studio and acting to a playback. It will be more powerful, more real. More awesome.

How far in did you get before you started crying?


At 1:50.

This is going to be amazing.


nightsmusic said...

I can't wait! When we saw Phantom and Love Never Dies on the big screen, I thought, "this is how movie musicals are supposed to be." When I found out they were filming Les Mis like that...I'm so excited.

Yes, I too have seen it at the theater, but like Phantom and LND, to see the closeups you don't get, even in the front row in the theater, with the raw emotion that goes with it, just...I can't wait.

I'm repeating myself, aren't I? ;)

A Novel Woman said...

I know, I KNOW!!!

I am a MESS every time I hear it.

Scarlett said...

I've been working on resurrecting myself in the blogosphere after a long, hot, busy summer. Stopped in to see what you're up to and found THIS. I admit, I have never seen Les Mis, but have always wanted to. Was holding out for the stage, but don't think I can now that I've seen this! Looks absolutely wonderful!!

Thank you for sharing!