Monday, September 17, 2012

Kick Your What Ifs In The Butt

Always go out there


without hesitation,


give it

everything you've got.

Because if you don't,

you will always ask yourself,

"Did I do enough?"

As long as you can answer

yes, yes I did,

then it's okay.

AddendumdumDUM: I'm putting my answer here instead of the comment section because I want to make sure a certain someone sees it.

As long as you give any effort everything you have, even if you fail, you will be able to say at least I tried and I did my best.

The worst thing, the absolute worst, is not to try at all, or make a half-assed attempt because you're afraid of what people will think or you convince yourself you can't do it.

Go to the edge and jump.


Do not listen to other people. Most people are cowards. And those cowards love to tell others "you can't do it" because they're too afraid to try themselves, and pulling you back justifies THEIR decision not to try.

Failing is not something losers do.

Failing is something winners do, repeatedly, until they succeed.

Real failure is not trying.


Debby said...

I feel like this is for me. Especially for me. Because I am kicking my 'what ifs.'

Linda G. said...


My philosophy is, if you can't succeed, at least fail in a spectacularly entertaining manner.