Thursday, June 4, 2009

Portraits with my Nikkor 50mm

I got this new lens for Christmas and haven't used it much, relying as I do upon my 18-200 lens for almost everything. However, the last shots of the flowers were taken with the 50mm and now I think I love it.

I read somewhere that the 50mm is ideal for portraits, seeing as it lets in a ton of light. I decided to test it last night. Here is my husband yesterday as he rushed off to some black tie event. He looked so handsome in his tux that I persuaded him to stop and pose even though 1. he was late and 2. he hates having his picture taken. This is him, rushed and uncomfortable. The second one includes my son.

Stay tuned. Photos to come of the Dragon Boat race next Sunday which will raise money for the Missing Children's Network! My husband and son are racing along with the Lake Louisa Loonies in the hopes of bringing down Lac Marois. Me? I'm the unofficial photographer (hey, I get to participate and it gets me out of paddling.)


yutha said...

Ahhh, such handsome bucks!

A Novel Woman said...

That'd make them a toonie.

nightsmusic said...

Definitely a handsome family there. :)

BB said...

Wow... nothing like a man in a tux. Maybe two men in tux's??
Nice pics!!!