Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring is busting out all over

If this month was a woman, she'd be Dolly Parton in a red corset. We Canucks endure brutally long winters and our summers are all too brief, so when we get a bit of warm weather and a sprinkle of rain, it goes directly to our heads. Pardon me while I tiptoe through the tulips and do the Snoopy dance.


BB said...

Gorgeous... tip-toeing right along with ya!!! You are the bloomin' queen... (cracking myself up!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
I love those photos! The unopened Iris reminds me of an Egyptian mummy. And the yellow tulip with the reddish stain is lovely. That tulip is still hanging on to a few petals, would you believe it? Heather is doing a great job and I love having her here. Kathy xo

A Novel Woman said...

Kathy! Hey everyone, it's the actual architect of the garden.

Yes, the iris did remind me of a mummy! I love all the tight buds just about ready to burst. The poppy buds remind me of angry monkey fists. I wonder how a psychologist would analyze our choices? Never mind, don't go there.

Debby said...

Funny thing: when you said you were doing the Snoopy dance, I immediately heard the piano music!