Monday, October 19, 2009

Random shots in Hawaii

No theme or any kind of organization, just people or flowers or buildings I came across and liked a lot.

The bird in front of the pink Royal Hawaiian hotel was just a lucky break. Rumour has it that Joni Mitchell wrote Paved Paradise in Waikiki and her lyrics are about this hotel, which was next door to us.

This is Oahu's flower, the yellow ilima (Sida fallax) and you'll see it everywhere, including in women's hair and in leis.

Here's another beach goer, taking in a little sun.
Entering the Royal Hawaiian.
The koi pond at our hotel.
What I'll need mid-February.
The sunsets are so perfect they're almost corny.
Here's Doug in front of a banyan tree, to give you some idea of scale. These trees are behemoths.

Someone's front yard. We should all have that view....
This is a Hawaiian mourning dove, but a different song than the ones we hear in Canada. Very haunting, beautiful sound. Best not to get too attached. They hunt them in Hawaii. Yum, yum.

Bonus points if you can spot the lizard and the bird hiding on this banyan.
A cruise ship reflected in a Honolulu office tower.

On Waikiki's main drag. Reminds me of my favourite Monty Python skit.


BB said...

Gosh Pam - gorgeous selection of shots here! You should do a slideshow (instructions at my place).

Hope you are having a blast at the writers festival/convention/booze-up!

Rose said...

Aww, Pam. That gets me right where I live. It is almost painful how much I want to go back to Oahu. I recognize every single thing in your photos and I miss being there terribly. Um -- I hope you know that is a compliment. [g]

--Rose, off to post more of my Hawaii photos on my blog.