Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things I learned in Hawaii

1. Let the hair do what it wants to do. You can attempt to tame it, but you will lose, every time. Just let it go free, like that wild squirrel you snagged on your bumper and dragged through town on a dusty Sunday until someone pointed out that whumpa whumpa sound wasn't your muffler. You will find your spirit following suit. Ditto makeup. Forget it. It will melt off your face anyway. Behold crazy ocean hair and mascara free face. It made Doug laugh. I love to make Doug laugh.

2. Don't even bother packing a sweater for those "cool days or nights" because there is no such thing as a cool day or night in Waikiki. The most you might need is a light scarf for an air-conditioned room, but I never even pulled mine out of the suitcase. I wore strappy little sundresses in public that I wouldn't even wear in my home. Yes, it's that hot.

3. It's impossible to look goofy in Waikiki because everyone looks goofy. People become a vast sea of goofy - Aloha shirts, cameras, big hats, baggy shorts, bathing suits and bare feet on main street, tattoos. So leave your inner hipster at home and chill, man. Waikiki is built for fun.

4. The ocean, and everything it contains, is wicked cool. Especially wild baby dolphins.

5. Aloha Spirit is real. See this fellow? He's an "Aloha Ambassador" and it says so on his shirt.
6. Those tropical drinks, the ones you see in the movies, with the slice of pineapple and little umbrella? They are like salves to the wounded soul pounded raw by the vagaries and stresses of life. Partake of them whenever the opportunity arises. I had no idea what I've been missing all these years. Behold, The Lava Flow. Coconut rum, strawberry perfection.

And this is not a peace sign. That's me indicating Drink Number Two, The Dig Me Daiquiri.

And I did.

Dig it, I mean.


BB said...

Oh wow... makes me want a REAL beach holiday... where I don't have to clean up other people's gritty towels and cook and wash and stuff. Like the holiday I plan to have in about 15 years time!

NB You totally need to update your sidebar pic with that first one in this post. It's gorgeous!!!

A Novel Woman said...

BB, what are you TALKING about, woman? The whole point of that photo is to demonstrate my crazy holiday hair! It's usually smooth and straight and In Control, unless there's humidity, and then it's straight back to the early 80s for me. All that's missing is an off the shoulder Flashdance sweatshirt and tight leather pants.

And if it makes you feel any better, this is the first holiday where I haven't had the whole wet towels/wet dog/wet children experience, and cooking for a gazillion people, often over an open fire. See, this is what happens when the little chicks fly out of the nest....

Debby said...

I'm with BB on this one...wild and wooly suits you.

*sits in front of computer muttering 'I will not envy NW, I will not envy NW, I will not...*

NW? I'm so stinking jealous...

BB said...

I'm back to argue with you. WHY do you prefer flattened hair? I was born with flat straight hair and can never understand why those with MOVEMENT in their tresses would seek to KILL it.

To me you look relaxed and happy and sunshiny and FUN in that photo. I really do love it. I wonder if your family recognises you more in that image than the one you use (with the brunette bob)??

*waits patiently for next comment/slap from ANW*

nightsmusic said...

I'm with BB on this one! I LOVE that wild and sassy pic of you. It suits you. So much better than the straight-laced, "professional" woman pic, which we all know you're really not. ;-)

I mentioned the whole Hawaii tale to my DH who informed me that we need to start saving if I'd like to go. I told him when I'm 78, I most likely wouldn't enjoy it much. He didn't get it... *sigh*

A Novel Woman said...

Flattened hair = professional hair. It's glossy, tamed, shiny, chic - everything I'm not. ;) When I leave it to its own devices, it goes not quite curly, just perversely wavey.

The brown hair was an experiment by my hairdresser, to get back to my roots. (Get it? Roots? Sorry....) I've been blonde since childhood, then highlighted (highlit?) since my twenties, and we just wanted to try it on for size. My husband hated it. Correction: he loved it for the first night (ahem) then wanted his "real wife" back.

Yes, I should change the photo.

NM, don't be jealous. You haven't heard the whole tale of our trip yet.

nightsmusic said...

Oh, I don't know. Even a 'disaster' in Hawaii has to be better than one in...Michigan where it's been cold and raining almost non-stop for over a week.

A Novel Woman said...

NM, um yes. You're right about that. Daily sunshine and lots of it makes everything seem that much better.

I have a seasonal light thingie on my desk to make up for the lack of light during the winter. Not the same...

nightsmusic said...

What kind of light do you have? I've really wanted to do that, but have heard mixed reviews on it.

Yutha said...

Bush Babe - the photo on her blog does not look like the sister I know. When she's at the cottage she looks more like the "wild and wooly" photo - and that's a good thing, not a bad thing!

A Novel Woman said...

NM, it's from Northern Lights Tech. This is the one I use, the SADelite.

It made a huge difference to me last winter in terms of mood. I work with it on my desk. The bonus is that it provides a really good light for working.