Monday, April 19, 2010

1,000 Awesome Things

My sister Yutha sent me this link.

It's a blog called 1,000 Awesome Things.

I haven't read the whole thing, but I like the concept.

A simple list of things that make you happy.

The book was released this week, and here is the trailer.

Let's see...what makes me happy?

A drawer full of clean socks.

Poking my cat's feet and watching his toes spread.

Warm chocolate croissants. Creme caramel. Espresso. Preferably all at once, and in Paris, outdoors, with a loved one.

The smell of cedars on a hot summer's day.

Sharp knives and scissors in the drawer where I left them.

Finding a parking meter fully paid, then putting in change for the next person.

Going to a used bookstore and stumbling across the Exact Book I forgot I was looking for.

An apple peel that comes off in one, long piece.

Kissing a baby's wrist, or the back of the knee or the nape of the neck. Kissing a baby, basically.

Being dragged off to a party and discovering someone with close friend potential.

The smell of lilacs and lily-of-the-valley in the spring. Also sun-warmed earth and cut grass.

A raspberry that falls off the bush without effort.

An industrial sized roll of brown paper.

A full moon.

Finding my favourite mug in the cupboard and not in the sink.

Saving a worm from death on the driveway.

Being the first one to read the newspaper. But being second means I can rip out stuff. Tough call.

New magazines in the mail. Parcels in the mail are exciting, even when they contain dental instruments and not chocolate or books.

Oh, I could go on and on. So many things make me happy.

What about you? What would be on your list?


Yutha said...

1. Finding scissors in the drawer WHERE I LEFT THEM.
2. Craving a certain food and realizing I have all the ingredients to make it without going to the store.
3. Having the house to myself, unexpectedly. Oh yeah.
4. Seeing the first daffodil of spring.
5. Crawling into a cold bed, burrowing under the duvet and watching a movie.

A Novel Woman said...

With your sister.

You forgot that part. Or was it implied?

Yutha said...


Debby said...

Math homework, when it's done!

I love yardwork! I love looking at everything when it is done. I like flowers.

I like watching the clouds move and change shape in the sky.

I like lightning bugs.

I like stones.

I like old trees.

I like petting dogs.

I like purring cats on your lap while you're reading.

I like bird songs early in the morning when you are just waking up.

I like thunder storms.

I like being alone.

I like being with people.

I like silence.

I like music that carries you somewhere else.

I like laughing with my kids.

I like crying over movies.

You know. I needed to think on awesome things. Life's been kicking my tail lately. I need to focus my attention back on the great things, not the frustrating things. Thanks, NW.

Debby said...

Oooh. I forgot lilacs.

I like the smell of sandalwood.

I like the smell of patchouli (but I don't have any). Just like it on other people.

I like dark chocolate.

*wanders off thinking on pleasant things*

A Novel Woman said...

Oh, I LOVE lightening bugs. There are dozens of them at the cottage, and for such a short time. Sandalwood and patchouli make me think of my youth. Maybe that's why I like them too!

Lori Benton said...

1. The silky top of my dog's head against my cheek.
2. Finding a new writer whose prose sings for me.
3. The last few seconds before I fall asleep at night.
4. Witnessing answered prayer.
5. The giddy rush of that first connection with a kindred spirit.
6. When a character in my novel does something totally surprising, but so totally right, that it makes me cry.
7. My dad's voice.
8. Catching glimpses of my dad's singing voice, as he sounded when I was a child, when I listen to Josh Groban sing.