Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Question About Cars. Well, THIS car.

UPDATE: Apparently, the dark blue model is NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR. So no one else is allowed to say "dark blue" because I can't have it.

I am finally trading in my old Honda SUV for a new car. We've had seven going on eight wonderful years together but it's time to kick it to the curb and get something that doesn't suck back fuel like a teenage boy rooting around in my fridge. I also no longer need a car that seats eight people since I'm not carpooling kids all over the place, though I used to fit as many as eight people at a time in there. I remember the days of my son's rugby games, schlepping several large, mud-coated members of the team to and from the fields. Ah, those were the days...the towels-and-garbage-bags-over-the-leather-seats days....but those days are finished, my friends.

So, my new car is going to be a Subaru Outback. We need an all wheel drive to handle our rough country road at the lake and it has something called a "continuously variable transmission" which makes my husband happy as Larry. (Who is this "Larry" and why is he so happy?)

So my question. What colour do you think works best? (Here is the chart if you really want to invest in my happiness and want a good look at all the options.)

I don't like the shades of green or blue offered.

White is apparently the most popular car colour for women according to the salesman, but just like I rarely wear white clothes because they're practically begging to have something spilled on them, I'm afraid I'll have the same problem with a white car.

My first choice is black, because it looks classy. But our road is dusty and I have the feeling that the one and only time it's going to look good is the day I drive it off the lot.

There's charcoal grey, but it looks like a poor version of the black when they sit side by side. It's like you almost decided to get black, but chickened out.

Then there's light grey, which is practical (shows less dust) but it's kind of meh. It is nice, but safe. Like a practical blazer, it looks good but you don't really notice it. It doesn't have the wow factor of the black.

My current car is a bronze-gold colour, which is the perfect colour when it comes to not showing dirt. Unfortunately the gold coloured Outback is more beige, like old lady beige velour couch beige (my apologies to anyone with a beige Outback or velour couch.)

So what are your thoughts? What colour is YOUR car? Anyone have a black car? Regrets?

There is a poll I posted. See it at the top right hand corner of the blog? Feel free to post your preference or put something in the comments.


Deniz Bevan said...

It's too bad about the beige thing. I always thought I would own a black car, but our first car as a married couple (I, um, can't drive and therefore never owned a car before; DH has had any number of only-for-the-winter cars) is a second hand Mazda, which happens to be champagne coloured. I kinda like it!

A Novel Woman said...

I know, I wanted the "gold" colour until I saw it and was underwhelmed.

My husband is pressing me for an answer. Gah.

Yutha said...

No to black, No to grey of ANY sort, and no to white (sooo not practical for your needs) I like the blues but lean more towards the darker one. Blue! Blue! Blue! Come on - live a little (if I can do red, you can do blue)

A Novel Woman said...

Don't say blue, DON'T SAY BLUE!

Now my brain hurts.

Yutha, what's wrong with the charcoal?

kc dyer said...

[whispering] I like the dark blue, too....


Diane T. said...

Such decisions!

I've owned 4 cars in my life... black, charcoal gray, navy blue and silver. I've loved all except the silver (I agree, meh).

All 3 of my favs show dirt, so I think it really comes down to which looks best in the showroom. One time I was all set to choose tan when I saw the navy blue in the showroom--yowza! For my current car, I was all set to choose black or charcoal (again), but they both looked terrible in the showroom, hence my current, less than stellar silver--it looked the least offensive.

Good luck and enjoy the new car, whatever color it is!

Rachel Walsh said...

I have a black Pajero 4wheel-drive (fits me plus 6 kids; the child-schlepping era is well and truly upon me!).

Black is OK, but shows the dirt way more than lighter coloured cars; and the interior heats up much quicker in summer, too.

The Subaru looks like a great car ... but sorry to say, I'm also liking the dark blue!

A Novel Woman said...

No dark blue. NO DARK BLUE. It's not available this year.


So the dark will show dirt and apparently the dark seats will heat up in summer.

My problem is, there is a bronze Subaru, not the model I want, and that colour is gorgeous, won't show dirt, etc. But it's not the right car.

Let's wait and see what the consensus is.

A Novel Woman said...

And why is everyone so anti-grey?

Anonymous said...

I have a silver car, and like it. It can be filthy before it's noticeable. Nothing wrong with that. *G*

Kathy said...

Of course, that being said, I think that particular grey/silver available for your car is kind of meh. I voted for graphite in the poll.

dykewife said...

i was told by guy that the darker the colour of the car the better the shape of the body is coming out of the factory pre-painting. he said that lighter colours are chosen because they don't show dings that happen in production like dark colours will. so if that's true then black would be a good choice.

Julie K said...

Too bad about the dark blue...I voted for graphite.

Debby said...

I'd go for black. A white vehicle in those Canadian snow storms? It's a safety issue. Pick a bold color. So what if it looks dirty? That's not the worst thing that could happen.

Wanders off muttering, 'Gees. For such an expensive vehicle they have precious few color choices...what kind of crap is that?!!!!'

(dark blue, dark blue, dark blue...I'll say it if I want to, because NW is not the boss of me...)

Yutha said...

Dark blue - heh! Hey, my code word is in dark blue - it's a sign! can't HAVE dark blue.....

A Novel Woman said...

THERE IS NO DARK BLUE STOP TORTURING ME WOMAN! See what happens when little sisters have access to big sisters' blogs?

Deb, expensive? I'm thinking this is a car that is going to last for at least 10 years, if not longer. I have a tendency to hang on to a car into infinity, and beyond. So I think it'll average out. This is only the second time I've bought a new car in my life, and the other time was a gift from my husband (a van, for the schlepping of our three kids) so he!

Kathy down the road said...

Hi Pam,
Get a black car, it always looks classy, the dirt doesn't really show that badly but NEVER EVER get a white car. Take a look when you are driving at all the dumb mistakes being made out there and you will begin to notice something that Dave pointed out to me...they all drive white cars! If there is someone not signalling but makes a sudden turn, its driver is in a white car. Someone pulls out into the fast lane and slows down, it's a white car. Someone taking up two parking spaces? White car. A car zig-zagging all over the highway? White car. And if they have an "Ontario" license plate, double whammy! It's amazing because it's true. You do not want to drive a white car.
I saw a Cadillac that was the color of an eggplant but I'm sure it was described as "Aubergine"....but it was really a great color. Just not great enough to go out and buy a Cadillac, those cars are for geezers.

A Novel Woman said...

Oh no, I just bought a white car.


I went with the black car, and light interior because my husband didn't want his wife to get any hotter. At first, I was flattered. Then I realized he meant hot flashes.

Anonymous said...

I'm the proud owner of a black 1998 Subaru Forester. Yes, 1998. I had it re-painted last October. Black. Again. It looks like she just rolled off the showroom floor she's so glossy and beautiful. In my opinion there is no better colour than black, given the limited palette you have to choose from. And I spent a good year bombing around your lake roads in mine. A regular car just looks sad when it's dirty but a Subaru looks spectaular! Especially a black one.

Allison Small
p.s. those new Outbacks are gorgeous...

A Novel Woman said...


Thanks for backing me up. I did, in fact, get the black one. Yay! And yes, the new Outbacks are pretty sweet. I plan on having it for a long time. It's amazing how loyal their owners are. That's a good sign.

Oh, you made me feel SO much better.

Anonymous said...

I've had my Subaru for a full 10 years and I can't imagine myself in any other car. Honestly! It has 300,000 kms on it now, and I bought it used, with 80,000 kms on it.

Mine had belonged to one of those funeral home bigwigs in Lachute. It came with tiny scratches on the interior doors in the back seat. He claims they're from his dog...

Still, I've done nothing but basic maintainance and replaced the odd CV joint over the years and this car has never, ever let me down. And you're right, Subaru owners are a loyal crew, and with good reason. Welcome to our world of fearless, go-anywhere driving, and being the envy of just about everyone you know during those nasty winter storms.

Congrats on your new black beauty.

Allison :o)

p.s. there is a navy blue Outback at my dog park...the lady bought it used and said she'd really wanted the black one!

I need orange said...

One of the things to think about is how well other drivers can see you.

Anything that blends with pavement makes you less visible than, well, than white, say.

It might mean the difference between someone else knowing you are there and avoiding a collision....